A mosquito misting system can help you have a successful backyard bonanza if you are in Texas or any of the southern states that are most affected by these insects. Nothing can ruin a get-together in the backyard or garden more than these flying needles that home in on you then attack with devastating results. Pain, swelling and even fever are just some of the less serious effects of being bitten.

Mosquito Misting Control Systems in McKinney TX

And bitten you are! Mosquitoes do not sting you like a wasp. They are attracted by your breath – they can detect the carbon dioxide you exhale from 75 feet away, and then home in on your body heat. When they land they immediately penetrate your skin with an extension of their mouthpiece. This is a flexible tube that opens into several parts, each of which can burrow and hunt around for the nearest vein.

When it finds a vein it bites and injects saliva containing a substance that reduces clotting and prevents the vein from closing. It then sucks you blood until it is full – or it gets smashed. While doing this it can also inject parasites and viruses that can seriously harm you. These include West Nile disease, meningitis and, particularly in Texas, the Zika virus which leads to well well let the C.D.C explain.

Sounds like a fun BBQ huh?  So, if you live in the McKinney Texas area, how do you overcome these problems and enable you and your neighbors to enjoy a smoked brisket or a veggie burger? A mosquito misting system from is the ideal solution to control mosquitoes in McKinney Tx.


Mosquito Spray Service Treatments

In addition to our automated misting system we have a spray schedule to control mosquitoes while you rest. This provides you with mosquito control for up to three weeks between treatments. The spray covers the underside of leaves and other dark, most areas that mosquitoes use to hide when not active.

You can wake up to a beautiful day and look forward to a fabulous get-together with your family, friends and neighbors that is free from mosquitoes and other biting pests. If you are a mosquito, wasp or even a tick, you won’t wake up – period! We will Also come along and respray your foliage and grass when appropriate to maintain this barrier against these nuisance bugs.

Mosquito Misting Control Systems

Our automated misting system produces a fine mist around the perimeter of your property when mosquitoes are most active: at dawn, evening and dusk. By eradicating mosquitoes while resting and when active, and also preventing them from reproducing, you create a safe haven during your yard or garden party for everybody – even your pets. You can safely cook these burgers and chickens without being distracted by fiends that could ultimately lead to a hospital visit. We have a solution designed specifically for you.

Call us in and we will survey your garden, yard and other areas around your home, and then make a recommendation designed just for you. This evaluation is free, and you’re not obliged to accept our solution to your mosquito problem.

Should you do so, then our mosquito spray service program will protect you, your loved ones and your neighbors from potentially damaging bites on your property and our mosquito misting system will maintain a perimeter mosquito barrier. Don’t take the chance! Enjoy your garden party and use our mosquito misting systems to eradicate your problem.