About Us

Who We Are

Romex Pest & Termite Control is local pest control company, with years of experience servicing the McKinney, PLano, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, and Little Elm communities. Effective pest control service is essential in our climate. We know it’s important for you to feel as comfortable as possible in your own home. We have spent years providing pest control services to give families the comfort and peace of knowing that their home is pest free! We know how stressful and overwhelming it can feel to deal with pests in your home on a consistent basis. Fortunately we have a solution that can rid your home of its pest problem.

We at Romex Pest and Termite Control care about the comfort and well being of our neighbors—we live in the communities we serve and use our services to keep pest out of our own homes. We have hired a team of professionals that love what they do and train them to do it efficiently and professionally! While anyone can spray a home with pesticides, we take the time to make sure we secure your home from pests. Our technicians know where pests can come into your home, and they know the appropriate chemicals and how to correctly apply them to keep pests out of your home. We guarantee our work.

Why Choose Us


Our technicians never require contracts and provide answers to your questions, informing you of your pest’s behavior and nature.


Our guarantee ensures that your home
is sprayed regularly and remains pest-free!.


Our pest control methods are kid friendly and pet friendly. Never worry about pests again!